Frequently Asked Questions sliding glass door repair

Customer Question #1 Special Lube?

Q. What type of lubricant do I put on the door track?

A. NONE!  

The bearings in the rollers  are damaged or missing altogether and not  allowing the door to roll properly. Lubricant  just attracts dirt and builds up as black greasy residue. This will just causes more problems and a big mess. Your wife isn't gonna like this! 

Customer Question #2 Is this true?

Q. My patio door is installed backwards, the slider is on the outside.  (I want to put a stick in the track to stop someone from  opening it.)

A. A few companies made doors that moved on the outside track, it's not installed backwards.

* Interior security pens can be installed, stopping the  door from being opened.

Customer Question #3 Change/Remove?

Q . Can you reverse the sliding door so it will operate from the other direction?

A. Most doors can reverse the operation.

Q. Is it possible to take  the patio door panels out so I can get furniture  or appliances  through?. 

A. Yes we can remove both panels and reinstall them once you have moved your items through.

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