My patio door is hard to move, what kind of oil or grease is best for put on it?

A: Your patio door doesn’t slide in grease, it rolls on wheels. The bearings in the wheels usually last six to ten years with normal wear and then need to be replaced. It’s a maintenance problem.

Q: What if the door track is chewed up or crushed that the rollers roll on?

We are able to replace the track with another track or put a steel cap track in its place, to correct even this problem.

Q: If my door is to badly fatigued and you can't repair it, can you install another in its place?

Absolutley. You can rest assured we'll be there when you need us. We offer a 25 year warranty on (complete window and door products) as a part of our excellent customer service program.



You don’t have to replace it! We can make it operate like new!
Allied Glass Services has been repairing patio door rollers and tracks and making those patio doors operate better, ever since day one of opening our own doors for business.
This was the one thing that upset me with the big glass companies. They would sell you a door but not fix or maintain it.

Tucson Real Estate professionals know a good thing and use our patio door services all the time, for seller and buyer alike.  We repair more patio doors in a month than most glass companies do in a year. Our quality door service has been twice endorsed by the Tucson Citizen Newspaper.

Some doors because their age and the excessive use and abuse are too fatigued and worn out to repair. We are able to replace it with a more energy efficient door.




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